Natural Nails

Nails Art – Design your natural nails with beauty art

As the fashion trend increase, everybody and everything adds style to it. For example, gone are the days when we only use it to paint a single color. Our nails There was time that we started painting each nail a different color and use our hands to all the colorful look.

The time has come when even the nails can look designer now, making a woman look really chic and trendy. This trend is known as the nail art. Decorating nails is one of the most important things a woman serves in different occasions. Innovative nail art and nail decoration has no end these days. Innovation has taken the next step now. If the mode each season, changing every woman keeps up with the latest trend and style.

Especially among the young, is decorating natural nails become very popular and it is one of the most sought after nail beautification idea. Nail art can be teamed with colorful stones, stickers and beads.
One can choose the color, design and style for decorating nails, depending on the season. For example, during the spring season, pastel shades are hot favorites. Each vote may have a different nail art. If you have a more complex design, try the French manicure with gel nail art.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
As the holiday season approaches you and Christmas is just around the corner, try red and white nail paint and final design with a small Christmas tree.
This brings the spirit of Christmas and spread the joy around. Sometimes you can simply choose to add color to your nails especially during the New Year’s Eve. A little glitter and shine
If you are wearing an animal print dress, match your nails by decorating people with animal print. Choose white as base color and jazz it up with colorful stripes to match it with an animal print.
Giving the sea watching the coolness around your nails will spread. Select the blue color as the base with transparent lacquer and enjoy the feeling of being in a sea just by looking at your nails. Jazz It Up by decorating them with a fish design or can be more innovative. Dolphins
It can be done either through a nail salon or nail technicians. Choosing a professional nail artist can really help in giving a complete makeover to nail a woman and this makes it look more jazzy. Specially decorated nails are the sign of luxury and yes if you have some extra amount, you can choose to add real diamonds in it. Yes, it looks absolutely fascinating and attractive. Attracts the kind of attention as beautiful.